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Snowboard Airbags: Why Katal is Your Best Option

1. Superior Market Draw

Looking to make a statement with a new airbag purchase, build on your market draw or trying to stay competitive? Katal has the product you`re looking for. In a market saturated with generic flat bags, the majority of your target market has already seen them, used them and are bored of them. You need something unique and fresh that stands out. Katal’s new innovative product line of airbags takes the next step in airbag progression by integrating a sloped landing into the design, creating the safest and most realistic jumping environment possible. Any rider who has tried our airbags will tell you, this is the airbag they’ve been waiting for.

“Our club has been training on various airbags for several years now, and since we bought a Katal Landing Pad I can honestly say I noticed a huge difference. Riders, teams and even whole families are travelling great distances because of this bag”

– Wade Garrod, Silver Star Freestyle Club, Head Coach/Program Director

2. Timeless Value:

 Not only will a LP make a big impression in your first year, but the value it holds as a realistic freestyle training tool will continue to draw crowds for years to come. The vast majority of airbag users are those who dream of becoming pro. They want the safest and most realistic learning environment possible and that is exactly what you can provide with Katal’s products. With an undying need for safe freestyle progression you can be sure that your LP will keep your customers coming back for more.

3. Minimal Liability:

Katal understands the liability involved with using airbags for freestyle training and we take risk management very seriously. Katal’s products and operations are bound by an international liability insurance policy to protect both ourselves and our customers. Furthermore, with each sale Katal provides a comprehensive Risk Management Plan, step-wise Operations Manual and Operator Training/Certification required for consistent and safe operations.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

 If you are not 100% satisfied that your product has lived up to your expectations we will immediately help you and the best solution to ensure the safety ad reliability of your Katal product.