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Katal’s Snowboard Airbag Technology

The Landing Pad (LP) is the worlds only airbag that has been engineered specifically for freestyle ski and snowboard progression. Katal engineers have designed the LP for skiers and  riders practicing jumps to push their limits with a reduced risk of injury. This patent pending technology is only available from Katal.


 Jump/ Airbag Matching Jump Trajectories

Both the  Mini LP and Mega LP are designed to match a realistic jump trajectories. What does this mean?

 Minimum Trajectory:  the knuckle of the airbag is positioned in the exact same place as the knuckle of a real jump. That means if you land your trick just past the knuckle on the airbag, if you try same trick with the same speed on a real jump you will also land just past the knuckle.

 Maximum Trajectory:   the airbag is designed so that if you land at the end of the landing transition on the airbag, your same trajectory on a real snow jump will land you near the bottom of the landing. This also means that if you overshoot the transition on the airbag,  you would also overshoot the landing on a real snow jump.

 The Result:  not only will the riders be learning a new trick in a safe environment that mimics a real jump landing but at the same time they will be learning the proper approach speed to take. Making these the best snowboard airbag and ski airbag technology available.

Technology_Matching Trajectories 1

Jump trajectories onto Katal’s Mega LP

Technology_Matching Trajectories 2

Shows the Mega LP superimposed behind a real jump and where the max. and min. trajectories on a real jump would land a rider on the landing pad’s landing transition.