Katal Airbags: The Ultimate Safety Progression Tool!

Katal’s airbag products are all specifically designed to provide the most realistic, safe and progressive experience possible. That is why Katal advocates an identical jump system (IJS) to be set up alongside each of its products. Using the IJS, instead of guests coming into the terrain park and being forced to learn freestyle skills for the first time on the hard packed or often icy jump landings, they have the ability to perfect their skills in a safe environment, almost identical to the real experience and then apply them to a jump identical to the one that they learned on.

Labeled Drawing:

1. LP Zone: Controlled/ fenced area to keep LP traffic to ensure maximum rider safety.
2. Mega LP Jump Setup: Mega LP setup for advanced riders.
3. Identical Jump Setup: Identical jump for guests to apply their skills to once perfected on the LP.


Snowboard Airbag And Ski Airbag Safety: Design

The safety of your guests and participants is paramount. All Katal’s airbag models are built with several safety features to ensure the safest possible operating conditions.

1) Guard Rail Chamber: is a separately inflated higher pressure chamber positioned around the perimeter of the LP and along the landing surface along and is a critical component of Katal’s patent pending design. Unlike any competitors design, the guard rail chamber creates a structural support frame for the airbag necessary to:

1. Prevent riders landing near the edges of the LP from falling off the sides of the airbag. The guard rail chamber not only blocks riders from sliding off the edge, but prevents the entire side from collapsing under a riders weight! Other airbags, even with a guard rail along the landing surface have no support on the wall so if a rider lands near it, the wall can collapse and the rider will be dumped off the side.

2. Create a uniformly inflated landing surface. Without this support frame the landing surface will form an uneven “bubble” shape like most other competitors designs where the edges of the bag are higher in their center. This “bubbling” can be dangerous as it pushes riders landing near the edge of the airbag off the landing surface onto the ground!

Notice the Katal airbag (Mega LP) where the supported guard rails (1) are actually above the landing surface and the landing surface is evenly inflated acrross its entire width (2). This is the result of the patent pending Guard Rail Chamber design.

Safety image_MEGA LP FADE

2) Stopper Guard:  acts as a final barrier to prevent riders from sliding off the end of the LP ensuring they safely come to a complete stop before exiting.  Furthermore, the LP is sloped upwards at it end to further ensure the riders slowing of forward motion to a halt for a safe and easy exit.

Safety image_MEGA LP CAD

3) Air Releases System/ Main Chamber: all LP’s use a deflation style air release. Air releases allow air to escape from the main chamber creating the ideal impact softness. Unlike other air releases which can be difficult to operate and don’t consistently achieve safe and proper inflation settings, our simple air release design allows operators to achieve the ideal inflation setting easily and repeatably . Furthermore, because the volume of air in the main chamber is constant, there is no required re-inflation time the LP is ready to go the second a rider exits.

4) Easy Exit Areas: are low to the ground and accessible either side (not available on flat LP’s). This is an excellent feature, especially for riders who would might be too intimidated by flat airbags where the height of the landing surface is over 10 feet tall.

5) Anchor System: all LP’s are safely secured to the snow surface at regular intervals around the perimeter of the LP.

6) Physics Based Design: all LP designs are specifically engineered based on the expected projectile motion and maximum impact force for each LP. All elements of usage are taken into consideration to make sure that each rider comes to a complete stop and leaves the LP the safely.


Airbag Safety: Jump Setup

1) Jump Style: The Landing Pad (LP) is best setup on that area at the bottom of a slope to reduce the required snow for the jump and deck build.


2) Perimeter Fencing:  The LPs  zone controls traffic  into and around the landing pad and prevents riders who haven’t bought a pass, signed a waiver or are not wearing a helmet from using the airbag.

Safety image_MEGA LP FENCE