Katal’s Story

Katal’s story began in 2007, at the University of British Columbia.  Engineers Stephen Slen and Aaron Coret began collaborating on a design project to help mitigate the ever-growing risk of freestyle ski/snowboard progression.

The project – to develop a Landing Pad for skiers and snowboarders to practice jumping – is inspired by a tragic snowboarding accident that left Aaron a quadriplegic and sparked his desire to give something back to the sport he loves,  by inventing a device to cushion the landing of skiers and snowboarders allowing them to try new tricks with a reduced risk of injury.

Katal has spent 5 years developing inflatables to produce the ultimate safety airbag. The Landing Pad creates the safest and most realistic freestyle training environment available. Katal is proud to offer the technology that skiers and snowboarders have been dreaming of for years.  Now you can be among the first to offer our unique products for protection and progression.


MUST SEE!:  Watch Stephen and Aaron speak about their story at TEDx Vancouver