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Katal present’s “The Risk Management guide to Airbags” at CWSAA Annual Tradeshow – Aaron’s blog

Earlier this week, Katal gave a groundbreaking presentation to the Park Scapers group at the CWSAA annual tradeshow which was held in Whistler this year. Rather than giving a presentation strictly about Katal, we decided it was best interest of our audience to get to talk about airbags in general including:

1. The history of air bags
2. This style of airbags available on the market
3. How to choose the right airbag for you
4. Risk management and airbags
5. Installation, take down, daily operations and maintenance
6 Airbag operation costs and generating revenue

While the talk was not focused on selling our products, it was focused on how to manage the risk involved with operating all different styles of airbags including ours. After a thorough discussion about the risks involved with operating the standard air bags on the market today vs. our air bags, the strong consensus at the end of the talk was that Katal’s products were definitely the industry leader in airbag safety and likely in progressive design as well. That said, if anyone is interested we would be happy to give this presentation again.

– Aaron

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